MidwayPlus is a B2B software solution that connects manufacturers with the best resale partners for their business. Our solution improves the way automotive brands engage with their customers and the wholesale market.

No! Our game changing B2B software platform allows you to sell directly to your Dealers. You set your pricing, create your sales and promotions, and control who you sell to. Our software allows you to go to market in the way that best fits your business.

You could be launched in as little as two weeks! MidwayPlus gives Brands flexibility to manage their products, pricing, and programs. For this reason, it usually takes from 2 to 6 weeks to be fully onboarded.

The only company that can sell a particular Brand is the Brand itself but we recognize that there are some companies that are both a Brand and a Reseller. We welcome these companies. At the present time, this scenario will require two different accounts within MidwayPlus.

A Brand can easily invite its resellers to join through our simple-to-use Customer-Invite feature on our site.

Yes! MidwayPlus facilitates the searching, shopping, and order management of Resellers so that they can easily buy your products directly from you.
Privacy / Security

No. MidwayPlus will never share individual Brand data with any other party. This includes your product data, pricing, programs, sales, and incentives. Brands’ product data will be available to Resellers as part of their shopping experience, but each Brand controls which Resellers can see their pricing and programs.

No. MidwayPlus will never share Reseller information with other Resellers. Brands will be able to see the profile a Reseller creates for the site and certain attributes of a Reseller, such as type of business, specialty, etc. This benefits the Reseller by allowing Brands to target Resellers with special programs.

MidwayPlus will only share data regarding your sales, purchases, and service levels with your company.

Yes. Brands have full control over who can buy their product and see their pricing. MidwayPlus provides the tool to make this process easy to manage.

Yes. Brands can add state-by-state and country-by-country restrictions of where their products can ship to. This can be done on the individual SKU level, so a Brand may opt to restrict only parts of their catalog to certain states.

MidwayPlus offers several tools to help engage your Resellers and/or prospects. These include tiered pricing, rebates, coupons, discount programs, and freight programs. You will also be able to promote your products and Brand on our internal newsfeed for Resellers.

Think of a Brand Storefront as your public profile for the Resellers to see. Resellers can navigate to your Storefront and see relevant information about your Brand and a list of your products that they can purchase directly from your Storefront.

The MidwayPlus Newsfeed is a wonderful place to promote your Brand. You can alert Resellers to upcoming promotions, new parts (even pre-sell new parts!), and attendance at industry events.
Tax Compliance

In short: you no longer need to. MidwayPlus manages all sales tax documents, collection, remittance, and filing. The sales tax liability and filing requirements – for over 11,000 taxing jurisdictions in the U.S. - rest with MidwayPlus.

MidwayPlus works with Sales Tax software companies and consultants to make sure we are always in compliance with the laws regarding sales tax in over 11,000 taxing jurisdictions. Please ask the Reseller to contact MidwayPlus so we can make sure we have all their tax exemption certificates on file.

Your company will, with our help, establish a direct relationship with our payment processor. Typically, you will be paid in 2 to 4 days from the date of an order.

You will be getting paid directly from the Reseller, via our Payment Processor. The remittance advice you receive from the Payment Processor will have the Reseller’s name and not MidwayPlus’.

Using your own carrier accounts and product data, we will calculate the shipping charges. We can include any rules you may have for the shipping calculations, such as discounts, upcharges, or free freight thresholds. We will include the shipping charges in the total amount charges the Reseller and the Payment Processor will pass those charges to you when sending the payment for the order.

Yes! If you authorize us and tell where a product ships from you can ship from anywhere. Ask us about our integrations with 3PLs.

Yes. You will have the option to allow backorders or to only place orders for products in stock.

Resellers and consumers have come to expect receiving their products quickly. MidwayPlus does not enforce a shipping turn-around time, but we recommend working to get your products out the door both quickly and consistently. You will be able to add a shipping lead-time to your settings to help MidwayPlus set expectations with the Reseller regarding how quickly your ship products.

Yes. There may be times that it is necessary to cancel an order. MidwayPlus has workflows built in to guide the messaging and refund to the Reseller.

Resellers’ ability to cancel an order are subject to your company’s settings within the MidwayPlus platform.

Yes. You may attach up to 2 videos per product. The links to these videos are presented to the Reseller as they are viewing your products, either within your storefront or within a more general, multi-Brand search results screen.

Yes. You may attach up to 4 documents per product. The links to these documents are presented to the Reseller as they are viewing your products, either within your storefront or within a more general, multi-Brand search results screen.

Within the MidwayPlus Product Manager, you will be able to flag parts as discontinued, superseded, or both. If superseded, the MidwayPlus search engine will point Resellers to your new part.
Price Engine

Yes. You can have as many as six standard pricing tiers. These tiers are the base price from which all other discounts are calculated.

Yes, in addition to the six standard price tiers, you can have up to 2 quantity breaks.

You can very quickly edit the price of one part through your MidwayPlus Product Manager. For updates to many parts, you can easily download a current price list, modify prices in Excel, and re-upload to MidwayPlus.

All price increases have an effective date. You can make the effective date today out to any point in the future.

You set the pricing for Resellers! MidwayPlus is a tool for you to manage more relationships and transactions with Resellers. We will never dictate a price, discount, rebate, co-op, or any other program.

All Resellers will be able to see your products, but you control who can see your pricing and inventory.

Yes! You have full control over which Resellers can buy your products or even see your pricing.

You will always be able to see the Resellers you have done transactions with and have explicitly authorized to buy your product. However, making MidwayPlus a productive platform for Resellers prevents us from showing a list of all Resellers to any Brand. You can promote visibility of your Brand by using the MidwayPlus Newsfeed and targeting prospects with Sales and other Programs.
Programs/Special Offers to Resellers

Among the types of sales and promotions you can create are: limited time discount, one-time use coupon code, rebates, free items, freight promotions, and quantity breaks.

Yes! We allow you to create several shipping deals to both optimize your shipping and to incentivize the Resellers.

Yes! Not only can you offer a Reseller a rebate, if a rebate is earned it is only available to use on your products!

Yes! You can schedule both the start and end of a sale.
Inventory Link

We would prefer to use an API to update available inventory on your MidwayPlus storefront. We can also accommodate inventory files being uploaded to our system or made available to us for download from your systems. If needed, you can also update inventory levels manually in your MidwayPlus Product Manager.

We have several integrations to popular ERP and Accounting packages, such as QuickBooks and NetSuite. Check with us to learn what is available. If we do not yet have an integration to your preferred system, we’d be happy to discuss creating one for you.