About Us

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have everything in place to allow resellers to buy from you, just like they were buying on Amazon, or Shopify, or some other online store?

No more worries about order management, about customer service calls and emails that are overloading your team for basic questions, or about tax compliance, which is a big one.

MidwayPlus gives you that relief. We’ve worked with and talked with manufacturers, distributors, and resellers, we were them, and we’ve combined all of our knowledge to build a platform that addresses every challenge, need, and nuance to facilitate the most efficient, favorable, and profitable commercial relationships between brands and buyers.

Founded in September 2021 and launched on February 15, 2022, MidwayPlus reached a significant milestone with a novel software patent granted in September 2023.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have collectively bought and sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of products across various sectors, including working for brands, importing brands, private labeling, brick and mortar retail, B2C ecommerce, and wholesale distribution.

This diverse experience has equipped us with a profound understanding of the complexities involved in buying processes and the operational, scalability, and consistency challenges brands face.

These insights are crucial as we address the downstream effects on product flow and customer satisfaction. When our product is used, we speed up a brand’s capability and help them become more efficient and help buyers downstream receive products and information faster.

Throughout our careers, we have traveled globally, engaging with hundreds of brands and thousands of buyers to learn about their challenges and needs. This extensive market research laid the groundwork for MidwayPlus—a platform designed to simplify and enhance business operations across industries.

The genesis of MidwayPlus dates back over a decade to a bold idea conceived by our founder, Brian Lounsberry. He tirelessly refined his concept, obsessing over the details needed to make it work. This dream began turning into a reality when, in May 2020, the sale of the wholesale distribution company that employed Brian prompted him to invite Steve and Greg to join this exciting new venture. By the fall of 2020, Brian had started working on the first draft wireframes. Following our seed funding in September 2021, we launched our platform in February 2022.

The innovation and uniqueness of our platform were further validated when we secured our key novel software and operational patent in September 2023. As of the end of 2023, the platform includes over 1.7 million lines of in-house written code. While we have already learned much, we are just scratching the surface of what MidwayPlus can achieve.

Our commitment to continuous development and innovation is unwavering, and we do not plan to rest on our laurels anytime soon.

Mission Statement

At MidwayPlus, our mission is to empower brands and buyers by providing cutting-edge, enterprise-grade software solutions that streamline commerce, foster communication, enhance education, and most importantly, cultivate lasting relationships. We are dedicated to creating an environment where commerce thrives and connections flourish, enabling businesses to grow and succeed together.