There's No Experience Like Buying Direct.

Buy Direct From Manufacturers As Easy As Shopping Online On The Free B2B Platform For Aftermarket Automotive Parts That Gives YOU Control Of Your Wholesale Orders While You Support The Brands You Trust And Earn The Deals You Deserve When They See Your Buying History.

See accurate pricing, shipping costs, and lead times, showcase your shop's service abilities, stay up to date on the latest product releases, and build relationships with decision makers at the brands that drive your business.

As An Aftermarket Automotive Parts Buyer, Are You Tired Of Feeling Handcuffed Having To Jump Through Hoops Just To Place An Order?

No one likes to have to call multiple times to check stock, see if an order shipped, or wait days for an order confirmation. Even when you finally do get your answer, too often an order get messed up, customer support is spotty and takes too long, and you just aren't as self-sufficient as you'd like to be.

You like the manufacturers you buy from and you like the fact they don't sell to just anyone—you've earned their trust.

And some manufacturers are better than others with order processing, but there's always that ONE that seems to have trouble.

There's so much time wasted on the back-and-forth emails, phone calls, and just waiting to get answers to the most basic questions, like:

  • How much inventory is available?
  • How much is shipping?
  • What's the lead time?

Or even:

  • How many units did I order last time?
  • What are the part numbers?
  • Is there YMM/Application Data?
  • Can I get product images, descriptions, and brand logos?
  • Are there MSDS available?

You're probably often thinking "It's , shouldn't I be able to go to a website, view a product, get the answers, and click buy?"

And if there is a problem with your order, it should be simple to get in touch with the seller and you should have confidence you'll get a fast response AND a fast resolution.

Now you can:

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Better Way

One-Step Direct Buying From Manufacturers On The Free B2B Platform For Aftermarket Automotive Parts That Eliminates All The Hassle With Wholesale Purchasing

In a private marketplace that fosters trust between buyers and sellers.

Buy From Multiple Brands In One PO

And see the part number, price per unit, quantity, and total in context, categorized under each manufacturer you're buying from.

Checkout With Ease & Dropshipping

Specify your payment method, select from available shipping providers per manufacturer, and choose to dropship straight to your customer's address on the checkout page if the brand allows dropshipping.

Manage Your Own Orders

View past orders, see the status of current orders, and manage returns (based on seller preferences).

Get Product Data Without Having To Ask

Download the most up-to-date pricing, inventory, part numbers, YMM, product images, descriptions, brand logos, and MSDS from brands, often fed live from their internal systems, or get daily email updates.

Manage Your Wallet

Configure multiple payment methods for an even more convenient checkout and upload tax documents so you're always charged accurately.

With a lot more.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Built By Industry Professionals

Built By Aftermarket Industry Professionals For Your Aftermarket Business

With decades of industry experience in our team and having worked on both sides of the B2B aftermarket transaction, we've considered every challenge, nuance, and circumstance that resellers face and have built the tools to meet each one so your wholesale purchasing experience is as simple and as seamless as possible.

What Do You Get As A Reseller With MidwayPlus?

Everything you'd expect in an online shopping experience, built for wholesale purchasing.

  1. Privacy
  2. Ability to build relationships
  3. Be first to know about new offerings from brands
Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Direct Relationships

Direct Relationships With Brands

Build direct buying relationships with the brands you sell—on a private, invite-only platform.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Customers Order

Place Your Own Orders

Buy whenever you want, 24/7 365, from multiple brands on the same order, so you never have to wait for business hours to place an order, especially when its on your mind in the moment.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Order Processing

Automatic Order Processing

Get realtime updates to your order status, see past orders, get notified when status change, and access your entire supply chain in one portal account.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Lead Times

Up-To-Date Lead Times

See real lead times for your orders, have it dropshipped to your customer while you checkout, and save yourself the phone calls and emails.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Shipping Quote

Accurate Shipping Quotes

Select shipping methods for each manufacturer and see your shipping costs during checkout so you're never in the dark.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Promote

See Exclusive Offers & News

Stay informed and ahead of the rest and get access to exclusive offers on the internal, B2B news feed.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Global Network

Global Brand Network

Expose your shop profile and service abilities to hundreds of potential brands who can invite you as a buyer.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Mobile

Access Anywhere

MidwayPlus is fully mobile / responsive and can be accessed on any device so you can manage your purchases from anywhere.

How It Works

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Invitation

1. Get Invited

If one of the sellers you buy from is a MidwayPlus customer, contact them to request an invitation to MidwayPlus. If you've received an invitation email from a seller or brand, use the included link complete the onboarding form.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Profile

2. Complete Your Profile

Once your onboarding form is completed and accepted, fill out your profile and include the requested shop information and your payment information. You will only be charged by a seller when you buy something. MidwayPlus is free for buyers.

Aftermarket Automotive Parts Platform Approval

3. Wait For Approval

It typically takes 1-2 business days to be approved as a Reseller. Once approved you can start making purchases.

"Can I Use MidwayPlus Without An Invite?"

Thank you for your interest in our private B2B marketplace. Access to our platform is controlled by sellers, ensuring for those brands a curated community of trusted individuals engaged in commerce.

If you have not received an invitation from a seller, you will not be able to use MidwayPlus. Our platform operates on an invitation-only basis, and invitations are extended solely at the discretion of our sellers.

At MidwayPlus, we prioritize business autonomy. Sellers have direct control over clientele, pricing, and business settings, fostering a secure and unhindered environment for trade and communication.

Our commitment to transparency is evident—we don't profit from products sold, ensuring both buyers and sellers find value in commerce. MidwayPlus is dedicated to facilitating the freedom to conduct business according to your preferences.

Brian Lounsberry, CEO & Co-Founder of MidwayPlus
Brian Lounsberry
CEO & Co-Founder, MidwayPlus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Resellers

What is MidwayPlus?

MidwayPlus is a buying solution that positions your shop's sales and service abilities in front of the Brands you buy every week. When you partner with MidwayPlus, you have the opportunity to showcase your buying power. MidwayPlus is committed to your private relationships with your brands and will not get involved unless invited.

How much is MidwayPlus for a reseller?

MidwayPlus is a free solution for qualified and verified Resellers.

How do we join as a reseller?

See the How It Works section above. It is important that this platform is for wholesale transactions within the automotive industry by businesses with a stake in the industry, so we will ask some qualifying questions and verify the answers.

How long does it take to be approved as a reseller?

It typically takes 1-2 business days to be approved as a Reseller. Once invited and approved, it takes minutes to set up your account.

Are we buying from MidwayPlus or the Brand?

MidwayPlus facilitates easy shopping and order management for you and easy product listings and order management for the Brands. Brands are the sellers, your orders go directly to them. The pricing, inventory, negotiated settings, and line-item records of orders are between you and them while the transactions are labeled as MidwayPlus.

Can we see other resellers' information?

No. MidwayPlus will never share Reseller information with other Resellers. Brands will be able to see the profile a Reseller creates for the site and certain attributes of a Reseller, such as type of business, specialty, etc. This benefits the Reseller by allowing Brands to target Resellers with special programs.

Does MidwayPlus share purchase history, our, or our customer information with anyone?

No. MidwayPlus uses industry leading payment processing companies to store credit card information securely and to process payments.

What are the payment options?

Each brand will offer various forms of payment. Our platform allows credit card, Net Terms, and ACH payments.

Does a payment go directly to the Brand?

Yes. Your payment is remitted directly to the Brand. The Brand's remittance advice shows your name, as it appears on your credit card.

Can we purchase from any brand that is using MidwayPlus?

Each Brand controls which Resellers they sell to. Because MidwayPlus verifies that Resellers are legitimate businesses with a stake in the automotive aftermarket industry, some Brands will choose to make their products for sale to all Resellers on the platform. However, there are many Brands on the platform that have not yet authorized you to buy from them. MidwayPlus makes it easy for you to request to buy from a Brand.

Are we direct with every brand available on MidwayPlus?

No. Only the brands that you have relationships with and have set you up as a buyer are available to you. However, it's never been easier to meet, learn, and talk with new brands, but it's up to them to choose if they will sell to you.

Can we purchase multiple Brands on one order (PO)?

Yes! We will break a multi-Brand PO into sections and only send each Brand a PO for their products, but you will be able to place one PO and manage it as one order within your MidwayPlus Order Management System.

Can you integrate into my systems to make ordering easier for me?

We offer a free API to connect through, or if you need, an EDI. We will set this up with the brands you're buying from and it may incur a set up fee.

Do we need to upload our tax documents with each brand?

No. Upload them once and they will work for any and all brands on the platform.

Why would we pay tax on an order if its B2B?

USA States and territories now have rules that require proof of pre-purchase tax exemptions. They require the buyer to prove they are state sales tax exempt for the transaction to legally remove the tax. Otherwise, the seller of any good must charge State sales tax and remit to the State(s).

Do you remind us when a certificate is going to expire?

We do! We recognize that managing tax exemptions in multiple states is an administrative chore and will do everything we can to help you keep those certificates up to date in our system.

Can we get a Brand's data/inventory feed?

Yes! You can receive a data feed from all Brands that have approved you for one. API access is made available according to similar criteria.

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