MidwayPlus is a buying solution that positions your shop’s sales and service abilities in front of the Brands you buy every week. When you partner with MidwayPlus, you have the opportunity to showcase your buying power.

MidwayPlus is a free solution for qualified and verified Resellers.

Visit and click on Reseller Sign Up. It is important that this platform is for wholesale transactions within the automotive industry by businesses with a stake in the industry, so we will ask some qualifying questions and verify the answers.

The only company that can sell a particular Brand is the Brand itself but we recognize that there are some companies that are both a Brand and a Reseller. We welcome these companies. At the present time, this scenario will require two different accounts within MidwayPlus.

It typically takes 1-2 business days to be approved as a Reseller.

You are buying from the Brand. MidwayPlus facilitates easy shopping and order management for you and easy product listings and order management for the Brands, but your purchase and payment are directly with the Brand.
Privacy / Security

No. MidwayPlus will never share Reseller information with other Resellers. Brands will be able to see the profile a Reseller creates for the site and certain attributes of a Reseller, such as type of business, specialty, etc. This benefits the Reseller by allowing Brands to target Resellers with special programs.

No. MidwayPlus uses industry leading payment processing companies to store credit card information securely and to process payments.

You may pay with any standard credit card: Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. We also have a trade credit facility called Shop Lender, offer the ability for Brands to offer Net Terms, and will soon offer the ability to pay via ACH.

Yes. Your payment is remitted directly to the Brand. The Brand’s remittance advice shows your name, as it appears on your credit card.

Each Brand controls which Resellers they sell to. Because MidwayPlus verifies that Resellers are legitimate businesses with a stake in the automotive aftermarket industry, some Brands will choose to make their products for sale to all Resellers on the platform. However, there are many Brands on the platform that have not yet authorized you to buy from them. MidwayPlus makes it easy for you to request to buy from a Brand.

Yes and no! If a Brand allows a purchase, you are direct. However, some Brands require pre-approval for initial purchase. MidwayPlus makes it easy to apply using guided workflows, messaging, and communication history.

Yes! We will break a multi-Brand PO into sections and only send each Brand a PO for their products, but you will be able to place one PO and manage it as one order within your MidwayPlus Order Management System.

Using our APIs are free. EDI and ERP or other system integrations are available for a small fee. Contact is for more information about any integration you have in mind!
B2B Tax Compliance

You only need to upload your tax documents one time to MidwayPlus. Our platform will track the states for which you have a Reseller exemption certificate and make sure you are not charged sales tax for those states, regardless of which Brands you are purchasing from.

As more business has moved online, U.S. States have adapted to make sure they are capturing all sales tax on retail transactions. If you have a Reseller exemption certificate for a state you are shipping to, you will not need to pay sales tax. If you see sales tax applied to your order, it is because we do not have an exemption certificate for you on file for the ship-to state.

We do! We recognize that managing tax exemptions in multiple states is an administrative chore and will do everything we can to help you keep those certificates up to date in our system.

We have several integrations to popular ERP and Accounting packages, such as QuickBooks and NetSuite. Check with us to learn what is available. If we do not yet have an integration to your preferred system, we’d be happy to discuss creating one for you.

Yes! You can receive a data feed from all Brands that have approved you for one. API access is made available according to similar criteria.